About Us

First, alittle bit about the school. The Ty Howard Advanced RoadRace School provides students with the instruction necessary to become a better, safer and more in control rider. Personalized lessons are structured around riders conceptual weak points to help them expand their handling and riding skills. Video critique is delivered as a tool for highlighting areas that may need attention.

A little bit about the instructor. In 1986, Ty started dirt track racing at Boyd Raceway in Boyd, Texas.  After two years of racing on 80cc flat trackers Ty moved up to 125cc and 250cc flat trackers in 1988.  Dirt track racing was the background of many top roadracers including: Freddy Spencer, Wayne Rainey, Bubba Shobert, Nicky Hayden, Ben Bostrum, Jake Zemke, and Jason Disalvo.  Running his first pro dirt track race in 1990 at 14 years old.  Ty went on the AMA pro circuit in 1991 winning the Springfield Mile that year.  Ty began roadracing in 1993 in the Harley Davidson Twin Sport series.  Many other top roadracers also got there start in this class.  Such as Mike Hale, Ben and Eric Bostrum, as well as Aaron Yates.

Ty spent most of the 1990's chasing the WERA National and CMRA endurance series championships.  Earning mutliple championships and gaining  a lot of experience.  Ty also contested the sprint series of both championships.  Winning numerous WERA National events and over 20 CMRA Sprint Championships.  These results gained the attention of Kawasaki and Ty was given a Team Green ride for the 2000 Formula USA series.  Howard went on the finish the year with a top ten ranking in the Superbike class aboard a more about Ty