One-on-One Personalized Instruction:
Ty schedules days at ECR and MSR only. He teaches on member days at both tracks and also weekdays at ECR when the track isn't in use. He can provide instruction seven days a week. Navigate to the schedule link above to check for Ty's and available track member days. You will be riding under Ty's membership. Click here and fill in your information to register. Ty will contact you personally.

Ty meets his students at the track around 8:30am. We get registered and have a quick overview of the days schedule. We aim to be on track around 9:30am. We usually run about 5-6 on track 30 minute sessions. The rest of the time is spent in the classroom. During classroom sessions we watch and review on track footage of the student. We study braking, body position, lines and many other riding techniques of top professionals around the world. The day ends at 5 p.m.

Ty can teach up to four students a day. However, the amount of students is dictated by the student that originally set up the private lessons. If he or she wants one on one that is their choice. If they want friends to come and share some of the expense that is their choice also. If multiple riders are requesting the same weekend I will ask the first person if they mind having more students. It is their decision.

Five to seven 30 minute on track sessions with three hours of classroom instruction with Ty. Three to four sessions of on track video for review.
Each session is individually tailored for the riders skill level.