Current Rates

                             ECR 1 rider $500           MSR 1 rider $575

                             ECR 2 riders $325         MSR 2 riders $375

                             ECR 3 riders $295         MSR 3 riders $335

                             ECR 4 riders $280         MSR 4 riders $320

Maximum 4 riders

There is an additional track fee charge at each track.


ECR charges $106 per student to ride under Ty's membership.

ECR is paid directly to the track management.

MSR charges $100 per student to ride under Ty's membership.

MSR is charged to Ty's membership dues and Ty adds the charge to the students bill.

Cancellation Policy
Ty prefers a week notice prior to any cancellation so that he can schedule another student on that day. No charge for early cancellation but early warning is greatly appreciated. If the weather looks bad and the student decides to take a chance or students arrive to a wet or too cold track the student will be charged $50 if he or she decides not to ride. If the track is dry and sometime during the day it starts to rain Ty will pro-rate the day. The same charges apply for a mechanical problem or rider accident. Ty has never charged a deposit to reserve a date. If students continue to show up on scheduled days Ty will not require a deposit. So far no one has ever cancelled in 12 years of teaching private lessons. Payment is required before the first on track session.