Q: Can anyone benefit from one-on-one personalized instruction?
A: Yes, private lessons are availeble to all riders. The lesson is focused on the riders individual needs.

Q: Can you teach me how to "back it in"?
A: Yes, secrets of braking are covered during instruction.

Q: Are classes for Level 1 only or can it be a multiple thing?
A: Instruction is not organized in levels. Each rider is examined and instruction is tailored to work on each riders problems.

Q: I ride a 1k, is the process on track to show me the lines then follow and critique?
A: Yes, the first session is lead and follow with some filming at the end of the session.

Q: Is ECR better suited for learning than MSR?
A: MSR and ECR are both great tracks for teaching. ECR is more technical and is great for improving braking/trail braking. MSR is easier but has faster corners with some areas to work on braking.

Q: Is this school good for someone who wants to really improve their skills for street and track or is it more geared just for people that want to race?
A: The skills you learn will make you a better motorcycle rider. Street or track you will be in more control of your motorcycle.

Q: Do I have to have my own motorcycle?
A: Yes, we do not rent or provide motorcycles.